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HR Policy

H.R Policy:

  • As an affirmative action, during staff requirement preference will be given to women in case of equal qualification of women and men to fill a particular position and especially in those areas where female literacy rate is low.
  • The selection criteria will be relaxed for women according to the contextual circumstances.      
  • The employ’s performance would be assessed on the bases of his/her gender sensitivity in all aspect of organizational and programmatic matters.
  • The TOR and appraisal processes would include the gender sensitivity criteria in an objective manner.  As a mandatory step, during orientation process briefing on Gender policy will be given for newly inducted staff members.


Shall be non-discriminatory however special consideration would be given to women at the time of promotion.

In case of extension of the office, if necessary to transfer staff members, the female staff member’s family circumstances will be taken into account. However, in this regard, the interest of the organization should be in front. In case of working couple (who meet human resource policy of the organization), efforts would be made to post them at the same station.

Staff Development:

Gender sensitization would be part of the induction process for all new staff. To make aware all the staff of gender policy, regular gender training, exposure visits and study tours for all staff especially for women staff would be organized.


  • Separate office with attached washroom would be provided to women. 
  • It should be ensured that women staff member(s) are not forced to work for long time (in addition to specified office timings). Duty hours would be flexible for women especially for breastfeeding mothers. This will be agreed by both staff members and the supervisor through a letter issued by the management.


Monitoring &Evaluation:

To ensure successful and continuous implementation of the gender policy a gender focal person would be selected within staff members or Executive Body Members of the N.W.O.  The gender focal person will deal with all the gender related issues, however, if the nature of the case is serious, the focal person will form committee to resolve the issue. Besides, the policy would be shared with staff on six monthly bases to reinforce the guiding principles of the policy. All program activities would be gender sensitive and gender sensitive monitoring indicators would be developed for all activities to ensure proper monitoring and evaluation. 

Code of Conduct:

This code of conduct is to be observed by all staff.

  • Use of alcohol and drugs during the duty hours must be avoided.
  • The dress of women and man should be culturally appropriate.
  • Viewing of culturally sensitive materials during the duty time shall strictly be prohibited.
  • Late hours duties for women should be avoided.
  • Sensitive issues (political, religious and cultural) should not be discussed in the office premises.


In case of violation of the policy, the following procedure would be followed by the gender Focal Person/ committee.


  • Gender Focal Person will take disciplinary action against any occurrences of harassment. Any unwanted verbal or non verbal attention by a person of the same or opposite sex.
  • Reports are to be done verbally or in writing.
  • Upon receipt of complaint the GFP will follow appropriate procedures to resolve the matter, according to their nature. For serious type of cases, special committee would be form or existing committee could be use for the purpose.
  • Confidentiality must be taken into account in handling the cases.
  • It will be ensured that no one should be victimized for making a complaint.
  • The policy must not be used as an instrument to settle personal grievances against any one.


Propose Penalties:

If the case is proven, using its authority the GFP can imply the following penalties.

  1. Verbal or written warning depending on the nature and severity of the case.
  2. Deduct a certain amount from salary or stop one year increment on salary of the person who was found to be guilty (with credible evidences) of the violation of gender policy.
  3.  Transfer to non-preferred duty station.
  4. Recommend for dismissal.

If the complainer is not satisfied with the decision of the case, he or she has the right to refer the case to N.W.O Executive Body (EB).