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National Welfare Organization (NWO) is a registered non-governmental, non-political, and non-profit social welfare organization.

N.W.O has been changing lives, the lives of the disadvantaged communities living in rural and remote areas.  A research study conducted by us depicted that lack of education, health; job opportunities and poverty are major problems here. The people required assistance to tackle these issues.  Our efforts have been toward School Education and Literacy, Youth skill training, Infrastructure Development, Disaster Management, Livelihood Enhancement, Women’s empowerment, awareness, and Environment betterment etc. The operation areas are based on our principles of neutrality and independence and are financed by private donors.

Legal Status of Organization:

National Welfare Organization (NWO) is registered with the office of the Directorate of Social Welfare, Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.


As an umbrella organization of the area the N.W.O aims at challenging and eliminating discriminatory approaches and to become a role model for its community. To become such an organization the N.W.O staff members commit themselves to uphold the following values.

o    The dignity of all staff women and man will be respected at all times and circumstances.
o    Equal personal development opportunities will be provided to women and man.
o    Developing team work, ownership and mutual support mechanism.
o    Provision of enabling environment to women and man


National Welfare Organization (NWO) has been working for the vast welfare of the humanity without any discrimination. N.W.O wants to empower our community beyond the limits.


o    To provide and facilitate the deprived community.
o    N.W.O has aim to specialized in transitioning programs from relief to sustainable development in conflict and post conflict environments.

Aims and Objectives:

o    To provide welfare services dealing with natural disaster, public awareness and helping the poor and deserving people.
o    To work for upliftment and improvement of the social and socio-economic status of the poor and deserving people.
o    To work for rural development in the fields of health, education, women empowerment, agriculture, environment, and livestock, rehabilitation, shelter, infrastructure and water and sanitation, and social evils eradication.
o    To work on the rehabilitation of disabled and drug addicts and rehabilitation of sustainable agriculture livelihood as well.
o    To promote sports and cultural development.
o    To conduct trainings at different levels, and to eradicate poverty by helping the poor to analyze, plan and act towards their own development.

Working Areas / Sectors:

o    Health Care
o    Education , Technical / Health / Water
o    Women/ Children  Rights , Violence & Justice
o    Research, Awareness, Advocacy and Social Organization
o    Human Development
o    Human Rights
o    Rehabilitation of Disabled
o    Poverty Alleviation through Resource Enhancement
o    Agriculture / Lively hood
o    Food / NFI Distribution & Food Security
o    Wash